19 June 2009


I decided to start blogging more with words in addition to the pictures. When I get a free moment (ha). There's the whole conflicted thing - you have to be parent, friend, playmate, cook, cleaner, organizer, stinker, shoulder to cry on, fall asleep on, tear-dryer, drill sargeant, ship's captain and crew - while still remaining sexy for your husband, strong for your kids, and well-put-together for everyone else. What a crock of crap! I suck at organizing, hate being a drill sargeant (though I've become good at the shouting part), love to cook, hate to clean. Does that make me a failure, or do I just accept what I do well and move on? I think I'll cling to the good stuff. My kids are respectful, they love to eat and make terrific choices, they love to help cook and clean. They sing cute songs, and are proud of themselves and their accomplishments along the way. Somehow, they are all happy, healthy and well-adjusted. I suppose they licked it off the walls- a la Charlie and the Chocolate factory.

Ernie is becoming increasingly interested in toilet training. So, about 3 times a day - though it feels like 23 - he sits on the potty and we read. Over and over and over again. He LOVES to read. "reed boot" boot rhymes with soot, sort of with a funny little lift at the end. His words are picking up remarkably lately. The 2x a week speech therapy for the last 10 months has really paid off. I love the way he says, "big red bicycle," piglet, dirigible, hebitoptop, momotoptop, dua, dua-dee, old man, tee vee on - so many words he now uses. Eventually, the general population will also be able to understand them.

Gene, the boys, Evelyn and I went out for sushi last night. OMG we went out to dinner with OTHER ADULT HUMINZ! It was awesome to dine with other adult huminz. Dru ate EVERYTHING - he chowed on the miso soup, the seaweed salad (darn it he ate all mine!!), Gene's house salad, tons of sushi. I swear, I thought the plate was in danger at the end. Then we went for frozen custard. Ernie, upon hearing that one of our adult friends, Al was going to have some of Tori's - held out his spoon for Al. What a sweet boy. I do love my family. The boys are so sweet and thoughtful when they aren't driving me insane. Make that a short putt.

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