19 June 2009

Highs and Lows

my sugar is too high.
my thyroid is too low.
My bladder doesn't work.
The other bladder doesn't work either.
I considered, and even discussed with both surgeons, putting one back while removing the other. Since I've met my medical deductible for the year, it doesn't matter - heck, I can have as many procedures as I need this year without having to worry about any more out of pocket, provided they are covered.
My medical expenses are too high.
My income is too low. I went back to work this week.
There are too many diapers, never enough wipes.
The symphony that is my children's whining is endless. More this, more that. Do this please, do that please. The oldest one is demanding. The middle one eventually gets what he wants when I figure out what that is. The youngest one seems to always have an in and out problem. Either she wants more in or has sent more out. Or she's cold. Or lonely. Or bored. Or just wants to be on her perch. Thank GOD the reflux medicine has helped her crying. Or I wouldn't be posting right now - I'd be a stark raving lunatic running amok somewhere mumbling something, unintelligible about "what was I thinking?"

And that's a good day! At least I've managed to blog today. More in a single day than ever. That said, understand that I've vaccuumed, cleaned dishes, done laundry, feed kids, burped one, changed countless diapers, taken out garbage, helped out neighbors, gotten stuff back from neighbors (who came to the door with it), ate cookies and drank copious amounts of coffee in the meantime.

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