14 June 2008

yogurt ...

what, it's not a face cream?
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fun with shadows

Oh Hi!
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speaking of spiders ...

this fine specimen found my French door a nice place to hunt. Please, no huminz for dinner.
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09 June 2008

we've been so blessed. We beem with pride over our kids.

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two peas in a lime green pod

Not sure what he was summoning, but I'm sure I heard that scream! (and I love the happy screams and squeals!)
Chicken dance, anyone?
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spiders spiders everywhere

I hate arachnids. Especially ones that are about an inch across in my bathroom. The little creepy crawlies appear overnight. Literally. I vaccuumed up 2 of them on Sunday, and then this morning there was another in its EXACT place. These, to my eye, look like brown recluse spiders. I might be sounding paranoid, but it's really not something to wait to find out about. So Gene and I will argue to a point about whether I'm right or wrong - I don't care, but I'll continue to vaccuum everyday. These were shot at 6x zoom and then they were cropped to show detail.
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08 June 2008

Ernie goes pee on the potty!

Yesterday - the first "real" pee ... it was so awesome, I praised him so much and he was sooo proud of himself! When changing his diaper when he woke up from his nap, I asked him if he wanted to pee on the potty (I've been working on getting him used to the idea for a while) he nodded YES very visably. And you could see from the look in his eyes that he really wanted to try. So off we went and turned on the water and then he went. What a champ. We have 2 terrific kids. I'm so very proud of them!