13 September 2009

photo phix

Ev, 6 months, one week. Fresh bottom tooth!

Ernie, 2 years, 9 months, fresh haircut.
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6 months already!

this pic was taken at the ped's office on Friday. Our hefty little chica is now a long n lean lovely lady! She's 28 1/4 " long and 16 1/2 lb. (>95% for height, about 60% for weight). As of Sunday morning, 9/13, she has a tooth! It was much anticipated - poor girl's been gnawing on everything in sight for a couple months - and this morning she chomped on her daddy's finger! :) <3 Her hair is awesome - the ends look like they were dipped in color, the roots are sort of a strawberry blond. So many hues, so pretty. (and still so much of it!)
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it has a tooth!

Finally, after weeks of teething and threatening its presence, a tooth has appeared in Evelyn's mouth. Gene discovered it while she was gnawing on his unsuspecting thumb, which was bitten as soon as she figured out how to use the little razor blade. It was pretty exciting that Gene found it - that's the first tooth he's discovered first in our kids' mouth! Whoop!