16 April 2010

Dru's report card comments, 2nd marking period, first grade

Dru continues to work above grade level in all areas.  In reading, he is able to read and retell with accuracy.  He has good fluency and can discuss characters, setting, and major events.  He understands fiction and non-fiction texts.  In math, he is able to problem solve with ease and can explain his work.  He can compare two objects using the attributes alike and different.  He understands time to the hour and half hour. He can identify, draw, and name parallelograms, hexagons, trapezoids, rectangular prisms, cylinders, and cones.  In writing, Dru is able to write with a beginning, middle and end.  He includes all the story components such as characters, setting, and major events.  He includes details to make his stories more interesting.

(April 2010)

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