14 July 2009

Ev's first playdate!

I think I like this shot best - Mom - who is this person and why is she on my toy! The girls had so much fun together. Jasmine and Queron are friends of ours from when we first moved to North Carolina. They've watched Dru and Ernie grow up, and now we have little girls that are the same age! How awesome is that! Mostly, they cried, ate, spat up, and Zori hung out on Ms. Ev's toys. Zori is a few months older than Evelyn - so she's sitting and doing other things Li'l miss isn't all that interested in just yet. Can't wait til our next playdate!

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flying happy baby!

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12 July 2009

my brain generated a pearl. Thought I'd share it.

*Normal* *non-dysfunctional* families only exist in stories that begin "once upon a time" and end "and they lived happily ever after."