05 June 2009

sushi date! Evelyn's first smile!

Nom nom nom

Nothing left!

Hmmm. what's on the Sapporo menu?

Happy baby!
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04 June 2009

Ernie chillin', Evelyn Partyin', Dru Travellin'

Ernie Chillin' in the easy chair

The ladies partying with Evelyn

Evelyn partying with the ladies

Dru traveling to CO to party with his cousin on his Bday. Happy birthday Keagan! (Me, Evelyn, Ernie, Dru, and of course, Lucky)
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babygirl to the world, "knock out diabetes"

Little miss went with me to my diabetes class this past Monday. She was awesome. 1 feeding (really quite uncomfortable with 4 80-year-old men sitting across a conference room table from me), 1 massively dirty diaper (the class was held at a doctors' office - strangely, they didn't have a changing station, fortunately they were amenable to me using a table with the disposable paper stuff) She really is outgrowing the "easy" chair quickly. In this pic, 1 week shy of 3 months. Note the position of the head positioner thingy.

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