12 October 2008

Me N my boys. Those wagons are not built for big people I have discovered.
I like this one, Mom!
Dru, Mr. Strong, and Harrison, Mr. Gentle. He's so good with Ernie!
Eyeballing the plane singing and dancing "fly through the sky through the sky" :)
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out to the patch!

Shelly, Harrison, Dru and Fred on the way to the patch!
Ernie did NOT think this was a good idea.

Running through water, however, DOES look like a good idea!
Please, can we look some more?
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biplanes n punkins

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More Marbles

Busted! (his shirt was SOAKED!

Arrrr Matey!
Dude, all I need is a sippy cup and I'm set!
Where's my girl? :D
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