24 December 2007

you are silly

that's not a cookie in my hand ... what are you talking about ???
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23 December 2007

18 December 2007

wine tasting post #2

yummy fruit with chocolate fondue


Here's the wine! (and the spitoon)

Olives - marinated for a week
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Wine Tasting, Dec 15th

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Let's go panthers! (we went to see the panthers play in Charlotte last weekend, and they won!) Little man is of course wearing his little brady outfit. Dru was wearing his Pats wind shirt. LETS GO PATRIOTS!
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14 December 2007

Awww, what a cutie pie!

My little cupie doll!
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little brady, the air hockey guy

he shoots!

he scores! Honk, honk hooooooonkkkkkkk :D
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silly boy!

he still loves the tub and will soak in suds for hours if we let him!
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03 December 2007

More outtakes

note the littlest stinker...
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