31 May 2014

Ernie, Spring recital

such a doll. He did great at his first recital. Love listening to
him practice!

05 May 2014

happy cinco de mayo. Cuteness overload.

She was so adorable this morning, and the trees are blooming. Lovely
opportunity for some pictures!

18 March 2014


I love Ernie's drawings.  This was a random drawing on the back of some math homework! 

22 February 2014

Winter 2014's last gasp

this sure has been a long winter!

09 February 2014


Great place for sledding - the kids had a blast! Gene was a trooper
and came back down on a sled too! Ev didn't care for the snow in her
face. Ernie - loved it!

06 February 2014

snowy winter, 2014!

A few pictures I've snapped over the last couple of days. Pretty it
is, cold it is too!!

18 December 2013

Ev's winterpalooza

She was so cute - holding on to as many snowballs as possible. We
will miss this school when she's done there. Both She and Ernie
really have loved it! This was an indoor winter carnival with
singing, dancing, playing, and a lot of FUN!