31 December 2010

New Years Family cooking - Coconut Shrimps

Dru, proud as a peacock, helping bread and put coconut on the coconut
shrimp, Evelyn making eraser stew, Ernie making lemonade, finished
product, the frying beauties, and another of Dru, once he gets that
the camera is on him. xox

The Eiffel Tower has landed on our baby's head!

At some point big, tall hair will be back in fashion. We'll pull this
picture out when that happens, Ev. xoxoxoxox

26 December 2010

Christmas snow, 2010 Wake Forest

Not sure which is my favorite. Maybe Evelyn and the gigantic bite of snow.

25 December 2010

Christmas morning 2010

The dollies and stroller were the run away hit. And the money and
associated accoutrements. Ernie, sweet Ernie, did not get his tire
swing. Maybe next year, little man. He also did not get the ride on
firetruck he was hoping to see under the tree. It wasn't for lack of
looking, little man. :( Dru and Evelyn had a WONDERFUL Christmas, as
did Ernie - they all love Santa!!

22 December 2010

an elf, reading!

I love the expression on her face! Is there a child, anywhere, that
doesn't LOVE Goodnight, Moon?

12 December 2010

random cel phone pix from the last few months

Ernie napping in the cart at BJ's (put him in and he didn't awaken
until the car next to us shined its lights on him in the parking
lot!), the kids at the bus stop, Ernie and Dru doing the 20-gallon
hat dance at the rodeo, the beach on Cape Cod, Evelyn being adorable,
and more. Enjoy!

11 December 2010

2 showings in one day!

what fun! Cookies with Saint Nick, Christmas Parade, Pictures with
Santa, hot cocoa and candyland. Does it get better? (well, yes, it
would have been excellent with daddy here for it!)