22 June 2009

more on Sushi

I love to take pictures of food. Especially pretty food. It doesn't tend to move as much as people, pets, or even plants. (helped by the wind and blurred by their winged visitors.) Food just sits there, awaiting the perfect shot, lighting, experiments abound. Flash on, flash off, macro -much, much easier to shoot. And fun!

Daddy to Ernie: "Did you eat the green stuff?" Dru is oblivious and would have eaten the plate if his mouth was large enough.
I believe this is the first photo of sleep eating sushi I've ever seen.
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21 June 2009

petite peach princess

oh she is sweet, isn't she, my petite princess all propped up in purple and peach plaid? We love Johnson's peaches - and I hadn't thought about anything with the outfit until after I saw this shot. Mrs. Johnson loves babies -I've seen 2 of hers grow up and she's watched all 3 of ours grow up. I'm so glad she needed a baby fix and even more glad I snapped a picture of it. I can't believe how fast my baby is growing up! She's already out of the infant carrier - I guess it's all good, but can't they stay little just a little longer?
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why we love the Farmer's Market in June in Raleigh

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