09 March 2010

Playing at the park & planting flowers

Spring has finally arrived. I am pretty sure it arrives with Evelyn's
birthday. Seems that way anyhow. And I LOVE it!

The first pic is Evelyn helping mommy plant some freesia around the
tree. Ernie and Luke helped on Sunday. The next 3 are Ernie in the
car. We were having some fun playing bashful. The last pictures are
of Evelyn and Ernie at the park at Rolesville. We always have such fun
there, though I wasn't as prepared as normal - it was #4 on our list
of things to do - the Canes cancelled their practice - last minute -
the farmers' market didn't have flowers yet, and GASP! Pullen Park is
closed til Summer 2011. BIG.SAD.FACE. To ensure that this lovely day
wasn't a complete loss, we headed up to the other side of town and had
some fun.

07 March 2010

Evelyn and the Chocolate Cake

Happy birthday to youuuuu Happy birthday to youuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu. Happy
birthday dear babygirl, happy birthday to you! <3 we love you!