15 May 2009

oh yeah baby. First BUNCO

Ms Janice was thrilled to be holding Ms. Evelyn. Even more thrilled that she delivered the first bunco of the evening!!! Eve held the dice until they were ripped from her tiny little hands by some cruel terrible person able to take the dice from a baby.
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14 May 2009

2 month checkup

big brothers helping babygirl take some tylenol before the shots happen. (that was brutal). Ernie just loves helping with his sister, as does Dru. She was 25", 13 lb 1 oz, both greater than 95th percentile and her head circumference is >90% . Big girl! The tylenol makes her look like she's wearing lips, doesn't it? I also love how you can see the different tones of their hair in this picture. They are all so different in so many ways.
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11 May 2009

Happy or gas ?

I wonder if there's a "poll" tool on blogspot. I think it might have been gas, given that moments later she was howling at the moon. :D
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10 May 2009

party dress

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Boys en route to a Canes playoff game

Our Team, Our Time. LET'S GO CANES! (and kick some Boston Butt!)
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