29 June 2007

New York City

We made it! Sara's graduation was wonderful, super to see everyone. Both of the boys were great on the plane rides. Seeing uncle Ernie was so special, and seeing Ernie holding his namesake was really cool. We had a great time in Styvesant Town in the playground, and watching the garbage men and the men cutting the trees and the fork lift carrying the potted plants and eating at little belgium (complete with pictures of tin tin on the walls) and seeing the cabs and the no parking signs. ;) Dru is very into circle slash and understanding picture language. He wanted to know what all of the circle slash words were on the safety information cards on the planes in particular. And what the street cleaner circle slash meant. So many signs! He was in heaven!

We also saw the statue of Liberty on the way in -- to which he started singing "the great american melting pot" from schoolhouse rock!

I'll post some pix once I figure out how to get them from my phone to here. Perhaps Pete can help with that - he has the exact same phone as me and his girlfriend Kim drives the same car as we do! parallel universe!

25 June 2007

the golf lesson. One of many.
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