07 September 2007

Bates Battaglia

Well we went to the Canes practice again today sans camera, and Dru wore his Battaglia shirt (who skates for Toronto now, but who knows whether he'll get traded back to the Canes.) Bates came off the ice by the Zamboni entrance and said hi to Dru (whose eyes were like saucers!) and said, "hi, what's your name?" and then asked who's shirt he was wearing. Then he said, "do you know my name?" and Dru, like a champ, said his whole name. I didn't have my camera or a pen, and he said he had one in his car and that he'd be pulling up in a minute. Then I said, Dru, Give him a high five! And then I said, "I wonder if he knows how to "pow" ... and they did, and Bates was so gracious. We then met his brother, Anthony, and then the signature on the back of the shirt. I only wish I had my camera! When he got back in his car he said, "see ya, Dru!" :)

05 September 2007

oh look, I can jump in bed!
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I think it's time to lower the rails.
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03 September 2007

Oh yes daddy and Mommy! I LOVE the pool!!!!!!

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uh oh. he climbs.
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RIP Uncle Mark

My mom's brother passed away yesterday after a fierce albeit brief battle with cancer. RIP Uncle Mark. Terri, Mick, Tracey, I'm so sorry and so wish I was there with you to hug and comfort you. Our deepest condolences. We love you. This picture was taken 7-15-07 at their home in Stillwater, MN.