02 May 2009

Party girl!

Miss Trish holding Miss Evelyn, one of my Bunco yayas. Ms. Ev was not her lovely happy self that evening. She and Braedon, the baby sitting next to her below, are 2 weeks apart.

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how to get your kids to eat well

make delicious food. This salad- simple, colorful, yummy. Braised beets, blanched broccolini, grapefruit dressing. Nom Nom Nom.
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01 May 2009

Ernie and the Atomic Fireball experiment

Mmm. this is yummy nummy.

Still nummy.

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Easter morning 2009

did the Easter Bunny come?
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Firetruck as jungle gym

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on the way home

bliss. sleep.
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I won't grow up!

I won't I won't I won't! you can't make me!!!
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Green strawberry fields for-ever

Ernie, racing down the field to make sure he gets all the green ones... Heaven forbid they go bad before they get eaten!
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28 April 2009

"Mm Ah Mm"

(that means truck in case you are wondering)