19 June 2009


So today is Friday. That means my hubby is home. He's here - in the house - but the office door is closed, and he's not accessible. That's frustrating for the boys, but they are getting used to it. Evelyn is too young to be bothered by it. I do like that I can share a pot of coffee with him, we can share the morning zoo of people falling off the bunk bed ladder, diaper blowouts, and the demands of kids and breakfast.

Next Friday, we have a 7:00 arrival for a 9:00 procedure. That was supposed to happen last year (IVs were in and the funny little outfit was on, I was looking forward to a nice nap, doctor came in and informed us that the procedure couldn't happen we had a little situation that needed to work itself out - our now 3 month old baby!), the year before (but I didn't want to give up nursing Ernie), and was discovered years ago in New York when I was in the ER a handful of times with gas and heartburn so bad I thought I would die. Finally, after 10-odd years of dealing with oft-excrutiating pain, my gall bladder is coming out.

I'm looking at the floor. There are goldfish on it. Not the slimy kind that go bloob bloob. The kind that the 2 year old drops on the floor. He doesn't get the concept of "we live in the south and that means ants and other creepy crawlies if you leave food on the floor" Yuck. Just last week we survived a home invasion of the creepy crawly kind. Oh wait, that was this week.

I wonder if I will ever regain my sanity, if this really is temporary?

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