05 February 2010

M's M's

Mommy I want some Ms Ms. Sorry, Ernie. No. You need to eat your breakfast first. Mommy I want Ms Ms.  What about 3s or Ws or Es, Ernie? Mommy I want M's M's.  Ernie, finish your breakfast.  (I was exhausted and in bed at this point, Evelyn was down for her nap, Dru was too - he's the culprit in the exhaustion today, had me up all night - he's home from school again - new round of antibiotics, i was trying to catch a few Zs).  Mommy I want Ms Ms.  Gene was on a call the whole time.  Ernie tried to whittle down daddy's senses.  Daddy I want M's M's.  Ernie, Mommy told you to finish your breakfast (oh, why you might wonder that it's this late in the day and he hasn't finished his breakfast? We're working on that - the whole finishing what you asked for thing) ... I pull the covers over my head and Ernie goes tearing out in the kitchen. Gets the stepstool.  Grabs the jumbo bag of peanut M&M's. Gene puts it up higher and puts away the step stool.  Ernie grabs a chair from the kitchen.  Finds skittles (the same bag that's been there since I hosted church lady bunco in September - wish I could say the same for the M&M's) brings them to Gene.  No, Ernie - not until you eat your breakfast!  When Ernie saw Gene eating the Skittles - how fast did he start eating his breakfast!!!  LOL!!

04 February 2010

A message from Dru (when he was almost 5, Ernie was a little over 1) March, 2008.

Mom thought you might like these pictures of me and Ernie.    Ernie is
a stinker ... if mom hasn't told you that already.  He loves Dave's
backyard. (and ours too!)  M om likes the picture where his hands are
on his hips defiantly.  And then there's me.  In Dave's brother Paul's
big rig!  Wow!  I honked the air horn, used the steering wheel, sat at
the wheel with the engine running, and even turned the truck off!  And
there's more!  The picture where I have a huge grin wa taken while I
was in the top bunk!  WOW!

Anyway, hope you are all enjoying this fine day.

Love, Dru and Ernie

Fwd: hey kathy - this is my email

i sent this email to my cousin - she was looking for some of my "expertise" in business matters.  While on the phone with her, the shrill of the kids was in the background whilst I fed the little people breakfast - the 3rd snow day after a winterstorm blanketed our little part of NC with a dastardly 5" or so of snow.  Anyway. It made me laugh and I wanted to share it with you.

the monsters are relaxed at the moment.  ;)  I feel like the grinch some days Noise! NOISE! NOISE!

lunch on the patio anyone? Brr. Still cold out there!

this is a test. I apologize to those on my auto-email list.  Just testing a new feature of blogger.  

03 February 2010

Wednesday lunch

Day 3 of no school for Dru - I'm not sure where my mind is, but I believe it's completely lost at this point. Made a nice lunch from the grilled chix from last weekend (we made tricolore fiore with chix the other night for dinner -just a little bit of bird left - wonder what's for dinner? :D) Anyhow this is chicken tarragon salad. One of nani teeta's favoritist salads we make. The kiddos just gobbled up their sandwiches. We're off to see the wizard in Cary then off to CCD - first time Dru's been in 3 weeks! Poor kid's been so sick! Finally! So HAPPY to go! Can't wait to see our friends!

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31 January 2010