28 October 2012

Michael Symon book signing, Ernie the dancer, Ev the Poser, Ev the sleeper, roses last gasp of summer

I had a training to do in Chicago yesterday -- I looked on Twitter and
saw that Iron Chef Michael Symon would be across the street almost
exactly when my event was over. We had already decided to bring the
whole family -- Gene got his new company car and it would be a nice
little getaway for the day. While I was training on caviar, the
family was going to the "baby store" (american girl) ... oh geez ...
anyway - we met Chef Simon, the kids 2nd iron chef to meet in as many
weeks. Last week they met Iron Chef Garces. At the end of September, I
met Iron Chef Zakarian. Wow.

Then there's the scultpure. Ev wanted me to take a pic of her, then
Ernie wanted to in the picture. He posed like the dancer. Most of the
shots, she made crazy faces. Silly girl. Later, she set up a bed at
the kids favorite place ... portillos. the roses? Had a tough year -
learly beetles, way too dry, way too hot, and I don't treat for
grubs/beetles because the kids spend so much time outside. Now that
we're finally getting some rain, they're coming back, just in time to
go to sleep for the winter.

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