16 September 2008

now THAT's a po'd baby!

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First day of school!

Sorry these aren't in order! The ginormous backpack, the cooler-inspired lunch bag. And of course, the shades. He's such a trooper! His bus stop is about 20 mins away, and we usually get there at about 8:00 AM, and it drops him off at 4:25 PM. I can't imagine such a long day as a kindergartener!

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Thanksgiving in September

The grown ups (note to self, don't leave the popovers next to Maureen again!!)
The kids table.
Gene consistently does such a marvelous job with Turkeys!
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Al's chocolate gooey yum thang

Al put his chocolate thing in the oven before dinner. This iteration had crunchy peanut butter, fresh raspberries, semi-sweet chocolate bits and squares, a ritter sport bar, and a whole lotta tasty. Looking on are Hannah, Shelly, Fred, Ernie, Dru, and Tori is Vanna. ;)
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happiness is ...

a nice long nap!
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