12 June 2009

Kiddos at the chiropractor!

evvie loves Dr Alex

Ernie, totally relaxed and ready for the popcorn machine ;)
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11 June 2009

and yet MORE ev n friends :)

Daddy, Aunt Linda and Ev

Um, Ev, they don't work. (Cassy just Loved Ms Ev, the feeling was mutual)

Oh how I love this shot of Evelyn and Aunt Brigid
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Ev sure has a lot of friends!

Mommy and Evelyn

Evelyn and Aunt Brigid - don't they look pretty?

Evelyn and Aunt Brigid and newly minted Uncle Jamie

Uh oh. I think we may have found the end of the party. ;)
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more ev n friends at Aunt Brigid's wedding

Evelyn appears to want something that appears in front of her.

Mommy and Evelyn (in her favorite perch!)

Daddy's little girl <3

Evelyn and Mimi - in her favorite perch again! (also Sr. Rosemary, Aunty Nancy and a little bit of Aunt Terry's head ;) )
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Ev N friends at Aunt Brigid's Wedding (part 1)

Cousin Jonathan, girlfriend Cassy, and Evelyn

Cousin Jonathan, Mommy, and Evelyn

Aunties! Mommy's Aunt Nancy, L'il Miss Evelyn, and Aunt Terry. Oh how they love you little lady! Special thanks to the Aunties for these pictures. They are either from Aunt Nancy or Aunt Terry's memory card.

Mimi and Evelyn
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10 June 2009

pretty girl, mommy at the dentist

she was so good. For the last 6 years, whenever I have an appointment - doctor, dentist, car, whatever - the kiddos go with me unless Gene is home, in which case only one goes with me. Evelyn was so good. She cooed and stared at the dentist and hygienists (who all oogled her and her brother earlier in the day), fell asleep for my cleaning, slept through it until the very end when we had to move her so we could get X-rays. then she woke up, happy. I love the good days. No, really. The good days so outweigh the bad at this point. She's so pretty!
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Last day of Kindergarten

Handsome lad, isn't he?

Here's the bus. We were turning left, fortunately with a left green arrow ;)

And here's Dru getting on the bus for the last time this year! We love Miss Allen - hope we get her again next year! Note the fully buttoned shirt. He was so careful to button them all this morning!
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