19 June 2009

more wineaux

this is Courtney. She sits for us, and when I dragged Jill into Tori and Al's, Coutney finally got to see a wineaux party! :) She also got to hold Ms. Evelyn. Ashleigh sat for us that night.

Here is Laura holding Evelyn. They both look so happy - though I swear we have another foodie on our hands - Ev is really eyeing the spread!

Speaking of spread - that's a mousseline of chocolate with fresh raspberries and vanilla whipped cream. (I'll never throw another spent vanilla pod away - it's so stinkin' easy to make and use vanilla sugar!) My theory on calories and fat: if you don't know they're there, they don't exist. Note present shape of my body. I think my theory is way off.

Linda could not get enough baby fix. I have a video of her playing with Ev -who was so far out that she looked like Gumby - arms and legs being picked up and dropped with no evidence of a crying baby to be found anywhere. Also note Ev's hand. She gropes everyone - wherever she sits!
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