02 May 2011

Dru at the Baseball clinic at Wrigley Field

Magic is the only way to describe yesterday. We were able to get Dru
into a baseball clinic at Wrigley Field (note the ivy in the
background!) He had such a great time - so did his parents, watching
him! Babygirl was fond of "walking" daddy - from one side of the
stadium to the other. Ernie got a ball to the head - so we kept it -
red clay from the field and all. "Official MLB training ball!"

We then drove downtown and met cousin Kathy and ambled around
Milennium Park (pictures to follow) and ended our evening at Pizzeria
Due (yes, the one after Uno!) It's not the same as the franchise
concept. It takes an hour for your pizza to be cooked -so they take
your order when your name on a list to wait!

What magic. What a week! Catherine and William, John Paul II
Beatified, Dru at Wrigley, Osama dead.

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