30 April 2011

End of April 2011 & Dru's Baseball pix :)

Our new yard has some fab plantings in it, including a Japanese Maple
(acer japonica ;) ), tulip tree, dogwood (I think it's pink),
hydrangeas, delphinium, hosta, daylilies, a crabapple, several
bradford pears, and of course now herbs.

Dru's so excited about baseball. He's going to be at Wrigley Field
tomorrow for a baseball clinic, what a great opportunity for him! We
are so excited about it and can't wait.

Ernie wants to be a part of everything Dru does - so I grabbed a shot
of Ernie with Dru at bball picture day.

Evelyn - those shots probably need no explanation. A friend french
braided li'l miss' hair and we put a big poofy bow on it!

Enjoy the last day of April everyone! I hoping that the thermometer
starts reading well above 60 - SOON!!

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