18 January 2011

Pork fried rice and Dru and the new lateral incisor!

I love that my kids love to eat good food. Oh how I love it. Makes
my life a whole lot easier, sort of. Means I can make whatever I want
to make. Also means a little preparation to make sure I have
ingredients around.

Dru's new tooth came out in the car on the way home last Friday.
(1/14). I made him put it in a plastic bag. I was prepping all
weekend for an open house on Sunday. I had put the tooth on top of
the cable box in my bedroom (to keep it safe). Oh no, when I was
cleaning, it landed on the floor. (I found it). Then it went upstairs
with the expectation that the tooth fairy would find it. Instead Ernie
lost it. Oh crap. That's the 3rd tooth of his we don't have. First
one came out without incident at school. Second one, Ernie lost.
Third one, well, let's just say it wasn't a charm.

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