20 January 2011

From the words of Babes, Ernie's 4 edition

so onward we travel yesterday afternoon to pick up Dru from the bus. (it was 45 minutes late and the bus driver almost left without discharging Dru but that's a different story for a different time) ... On our way to the bus, we pass through several stop lights, we pass by a bunch of subdivisions, places we've bought stuff (like mulch), places we've seen things like cows, chickens, ducks, pigs, rodeos, accidents, fires - the stuff of life.  From the time they can see out the windows, I talk to the kids and have them say "hello" to the various things we see. We love to play "I spy" and other games to encourage observation and boredom avoidance.

Ernie asks me, "mom, why do horses eats hay?"
Me: "why do you eat cheese?"
Ernie, "Because I _like cheese_ mom" 
Me, "well, horses _like_ hay - and grass too."  You know, you eat grass, too Ernie.  Really? Yes, Ernie.  Corn is a grass. So is wheat. We made your brownies from flour. That comes from wheat.  And Cheerios - they are made from oats. Oats are a grass.

Ernie, "Mommy, can we plant Cheerios next year in our garden?"

<3 Melt.  Love that kid.  Happy birthday, baby.

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