16 October 2009

"the sick""

I forgot I had taken this shot with my camera on my phone. This is Dru - on 10/3/09. 2 days earlier, his teacher had called home saying he wasn't his normal bouncy self. They temped him and he was fine, sent him home, he was somewhat lethargic but OK. Next morning, I temped him to see how he was. A little feverish, but (so I thought) nothing to worry about. Kept him home [boy oh boy do I wish more people would keep their kids out of school when they have a fever!], made him sleep a lot and take lots of fluids. Friday night / Sat morning at 3:00 AM, he ran to our room and shouted, "MOM! TAKE MY TEMPERATURE!" so I did, poor kid was burning up. It was 103.5 He was scheduled for a seasonal flu shot, but I hauled him in for a Saturday appt instead. Doc said he was fine.

2 days later, Ernie and I had tested positive for Swine Flu. Different doc, same practice said that Dru almost certainly had it, same symptoms, suddent onset, etc. Unfortunately, because it wasn't caught at the "right" time, he couldn't be administered Tamiflu. Anyway, I thought I'd share this picture. Poor kid was so sick. Ernie and Ev were equally pathetic when they had the fever. (and I'm sure I was too - thankfully no one turned the camera on me!) The cough is still hanging on for me (that nasty asthma cough, stuck in my lungs & bronchial tubes), Ernie and Dru. Ev seems to have come through it with flying colors. I pray we don't get reinfected with it at any point! FOR YOUR INFORMATION: you can get reinfected with this beast, and it looks like it's going to be a year-round flu, rather than the "seasonal" flu you hear about every year.
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