14 October 2009

good snacks = good eating habits

oh hai, it's me again. (if that spelling doesn't make sense, please click on www.icanhascheezburger.com and look for the lol cats. I take no responsibility for any time you lose there)

Anyhow. Today the boys woke up early (Ernie especially early, his singing woke me up at about 5:00, this after Evelyn kept me awake with her grumblings of grumpiness and crying all night long). I finally convinced Ernie it was a good idea to stop singing to us at 6:30. 10 minutes before the alarm. We all still have a cough or ten. Mine's a nice, deep cough. My bladder can't handle deep coughs. If you know what I mean.

The boys had cheerios with no-fat yogurt and 1% milk this morning for breakfast. Water in the car on the way to the bus (we made it!). I accidentally left Dru's snack at home on the counter - it was a bag of dried nuts and fruit. Walnuts, almonds, strawberries, papaya, pineapple, etc. Nom nom nom! (again, look at LOL cats if this makes no sense to you, or if you've seen others reference it and would like to know what it all means!) Ernie wanted some when we got home - so I poured some in a bowl for him.

Then about 1/2 hour later, he was still hungry. So I cut up an organic apple for him - they're smaller - perfect Ernie size - and cheaper! We got them at Wal*Mart and they are less expensive than the apples in a bag at BJ's. wh00p! I also gave him some home made hummus - I made it a couple weeks ago, store it in the fridge. That stuff lasts forever. Chick peas in the bag are a great pantry item. (so aree tahini, garlic, and sesame oil!) And some blue corn tortilla chips to go with it.

He gobbled it all up and washed it down with water. With "little" ice of course.

Evelyn is awake again. Don't know what's bothering her. Tylenol, check. Baby orajel, check. Mylicon, check. I can't take another night of crying and screaming. Poor thing!

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