25 October 2012

Beets. Fresh. Small. Dirty. Clean. Cooking.

Beets. We love beets. The kids love them too. Their flavor is so
earthy and sweet. These are homegrown (Can I get a big Jeff
Foxworthy-inspired, Duhh?) . Summer was rough in the plains this
year, you may have heard. There just wasn't enough water. And I
wasn't interested in spending $300/month watering my garden. This is
the result. Beets picked after an entire season. We did pull a few out
earlier this season that were somehow larger - but not many. Hoping
for a more robust crop next year. In all their smallness and pain in
the lower back-ness, they remain one of the most delicious vegees.
ever. And the juice will more than likely be found on our porch next
week ... very red. Perfect.

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