13 April 2012

ponies, posies, and poses

I just love living next to this farm. My kids adore the owners - and
the feelings are mutual. Lea Ann called me this morning to tell me
that the picture that Ernie drew for Bob was in a frame and on their
break table. How sweet. Ernie was over the moon. Then we went on to
look at the horses, check out the chickens, feed the chickens
dandelions and grass (they love both!), hung out with the stud pony
(his mare is due any day now), looked at the babies including Julie,
pictured. She's GORGEOUS. Then we hung out on some of the sculpture,
took a daring walk over some rocks. Picked some of Lea Ann's tulips -
what a fun morning. I love the picture of the yearlings -- they were
hugging necks and grooming each other in the exercise barn!

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