23 February 2012

Evelyn, Ash Wednesday 2012

I should blog about Evelyn, laughing uncontrollably at church last
night. It was somewhat amusing. And she wasn't whiny about it -- it
was that punch drunk, can't stop laughing, can't remember why you
started, glad she had a diaper on kind of laugh. That, and I'm pretty
sure I was nibbling her chin, which egged it on. The glares I got from
members of the congregation were mostly "oh how I wish that was my
daughter" not the "take that child out" thank God! It was contagious.
Infectious. Glorious.

We were seated in the front of the Church, made it before the
procession, sat in a spot for 1 person, she was on my lap the whole
time -- the boys were awesome. It was hilarious. I couldn't stop her.
:) I have to get it on video at some point, because when she starts
she cannot stop laughing. It's usually me making it happen though, so
I'll have to set up a tripod!

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