27 January 2012

The blahs of winter

Are here. Fortunately I have 3 lovely children to help me never actually be bored.  This weekend should be fun. Dinner with friends - Asian-themed - we'll bring the shrimp in the form of grilled shrimp with zippy sauce and nimchow - one family till do chicken sate, and another family will bring asian inspired vegees.  The kids all get along famously, except Evelyn, she's just littler than all the others.  I can relate.  I was always the odd kid out, nuisance to the older kids, always getting in to everybody else's stuff.  Hopefully that will be a fleeting thing and she'll be adaptable soon and less wont to make messes at her friends' homes.  And, hopefully, she won't do what she did last weekend, and scream for an hour (during Ernie's party - she was just awful, presumably because it wasn't  all.about.her)  Anyway -- I was in the mood to send myself an email, read: blog.  

Now go away blahs!  Shoo!

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