02 December 2011

heard this morning at the kitchen table Sanchez

My kids love to layer flavors. Last night we had breakfast for dinner (Gene got home late, at 8:30, the kids were punchy, lots of homework to do with Dru, yada yada) ... so I made scrambled eggs with caramelized sweet onions and shaved fennel. Fennel bulbs were on sale last week so I grabbed a few - never know what it might show up in next.  Mmm Fennel brownies!   Ernie  (who will be 5 in January) said promptly, "Wow! this is delicious! who made it  - Mommy or Daddy?"  Dru was bummed that there weren't more servings.  This morning, Mme Queen Potty Pants trolloped down the stairs and started demanding breakfast.  Yogurt, she loudly exclaimed.  So when I put the second helping of yogurt in her bowl, I added Cheerios.  Oh yum, thank you Mommy, my favorite. Delicious Cheerios. And with such exuberance!  

Time to go make sure #1 and #2 are awoken sufficiently from slumber to succeed at school.  They're running out of time to make my morning memorable!

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