07 October 2011

lovely way to wait for the bus

Ernie was having so much fun waiting for the bus ... riding his bike,
playing in a pile of leaves ... being Ernie. the leaves are beginning
to turn, mostly yellows at the moment. The roses are still going
strong, and the basil has not yet frozen out. We're in a nice little
Indian Summer at the moment. I know it won't last, so I'm trying to
stuff as much of it into the camera as I possibly can - to remember
during the doldrums of winter, which will be here before I'm ready for
it. If only I could bottle up the nice 80 degree days and 50 degree
nights and have them for the entire year.

Steve Jobs died this week. What an incredible individual. In so many ways.

Dru played his last baseball game of the season.

Evelyn continues on her quest to drive her mother insane. I'm worried
about the threes with this one. Or perhaps she'll define the terrible
twos and be done with it by 3? maybe, prayerfully?

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