19 March 2011

*Lollipops* *hyacinth* *canes game*

If you are a woman, you've probably been to the gynecologist's office.
There are sometimes lollipops at the desk when you check out. My kids
think there are lollipops in the exam room too. They were fighting
over them, as a matter of fact.

Then there are the lovely pink blooms I'll miss so much. I met the
new owner tonight - amidst total chaos of cooking dinner, arranging to
see my mom in AZ, and haivng a friend/neighbor stop by, and calling my
dad to finalize the plan - I let her know that the bulb needs to be
split, into about 7 bulbs!

She has a dog and a cat - and will likely put up a fence right away.
I hope that she appreciates that we've been good stewards to her home
and land. I get the sense that she does.

The next picture is of our last Canes game. Sniffle. I'm glad we
went, the kids so love their Carolina Hurricanes.

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