07 February 2011

100 days celebration

Yesterday I blogged about Dru and his 100 day project. Today, we went
to his classroom, and participated in 100 day activities. I was so
proud of Dru when the teacher asked, "how might you count to 100 more
quickly than counting by 1's?" and he answered, "by 50s!

We flipped pennies, rolled dice, drew a picture of ourself at 100,
listed what we might buy with $100, made a hat with 100 stamps on it,
and made a snack with 100 items in it. Evelyn was particularly fond
of the marshmallows. Have I mentioned that Gene has me convinced that
she's an iguana? Well, it's even more evident when she eats

Ernie was into the blocks, but really enjoyed sitting at the snack
table. Evelyn was into Carly, the turtle, and the flags. And, as
usual, she cracked up Dru's class. They just adore her. Then, we
came home, and I made essentially what I made last night with a few
changes. It's basically Chicken soup with dark stock - but it's not a
lot of the liquid. Is there a name for that dish? It was caramelized
onions, celery and garlic, deglazed with stock, then fresh tomato,
musrhroom, and chicken. Topped with some romano. Yummmmmmmmy! I
couldn't wait to get to the bottom so I could slurp it!

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