04 February 2010

A message from Dru (when he was almost 5, Ernie was a little over 1) March, 2008.

Mom thought you might like these pictures of me and Ernie.    Ernie is
a stinker ... if mom hasn't told you that already.  He loves Dave's
backyard. (and ours too!)  M om likes the picture where his hands are
on his hips defiantly.  And then there's me.  In Dave's brother Paul's
big rig!  Wow!  I honked the air horn, used the steering wheel, sat at
the wheel with the engine running, and even turned the truck off!  And
there's more!  The picture where I have a huge grin wa taken while I
was in the top bunk!  WOW!

Anyway, hope you are all enjoying this fine day.

Love, Dru and Ernie

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