27 August 2009

any typical day ...

this morning Evelyn awoke at 5:00 - gassy and hungry. So I fed her, she farted and she went back to sleep. I woke up and got a couple of glasses of water first. She, Ernie, Dru, Gene and I all have a sore throat / headache combo that's made things interesting for the last couple of weeks.

Dru's nose is like 2 beeswax candles when he sneezes, Ernie has been a pisspot, and Evelyn doesn't quite know what to do with a sore throat. It's pathetic and hilarious when she sticks out her tongue and coughs in this pathetic little cough. Her bowel habits have also been changing - she now seems to poop once a week - 3 days in a row, then 7 more days. Ick. And her farts have been pretty stinky for the last couple days so I'm pretty sure the lava's on its way.

Back to this morning. Ernie came into my room at 6:30, bright eyed and bushy tailed. Then demanded "Caillou" (which wasn't on yet today). Oobie was just fine. Since babygirl was still sleeping, I joined him on the livingroom and we cuddled for a while. Then, at about 7:00, I called for Dru. He didn't answer. 5 minutes later, I heard "MOM!" "WHAT!" I answered. "I pulled out my tooth!" Sweet. He came downstairs, all proud, and showed me his lower lateral incisor. whoop! He then said, "I finally have a gaping hole!" How hilarious is that!

So we made it through that drama, then on to dressing and breakfasting. Cheerios for the boys today. Dru wanted some peach cut up in his, Ernie did not. Herding cats might be easier than getting Dru out the door. "C'mon Dru - let's go!!" We had not made the bus this year in the mornings. Traffic dramas, kiddo drama, whatever drama. I got a notice yesterday afternoon that yesterday MORNING the bus stop would change - as in too late to have done anything about that morning, or even that afternoon. Fortunately I called the school to find out where I was to pick him up. I mean really!

I had in my mind that I wanted to leave the house no later than 7:45 -- the poking and prodding and pleading was finally working. Dru was downstairs, Evey was in her car seat, my coffee was made and in a cup - phew. Off we go. We arrived at the new bus stop - farther away - at 8:04. (the time we used to leave the house!) I asked if it was a fluke that she was so early. Nope. Everyday.

Oh man. That means that my sleeping little person (Dru) had better start waking up at 6:30 everyday. Yikes. Does this mean I can ask Ev to not wake me up 6x through the night anymore too?

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