27 July 2009

RIGHT BACK AT IT! (my 3 monsters)

I joined a mommy site and posted this. Liked it so much I thought I'd post it here.

my 3 kids are all home with me again. This has been one dilly of a year. 2 major surgeries, one of which was supposed to happen last year at this time ... when we found out that the other one might happen. Got my gallbladder out a few weeks ago - last year we found out we were expecting #3 when dressed and ready to be wheeled down to surgery. No surprise I had a pretty brutal 3rd pregnancy when I heard the condition my liver and gallbladder were in! (I've been putting that surgery off for years, serves me right!)

My parents were here to help me with recovery; my husband works out of state 4d a week, and I've been getting back to work slowly since March when the baby came. She was the other surgery. At 42 with preE and gestational diabetes that was not well-controlled, a 10+ lb baby wasn't exactly what I thought I could push out after God only knows how many weeks of sleep-deprivation. She ended up being 11 lb 4 oz. Glad I didn't have the illusion of needing some sort of badge of honor. I guess I got over that with my second, a 10 pounder, who I DID push, with no epidural.

Both of the boys are now back here - the estrogen fest is over. The baby is happy to have her brothers back, but can't quite understand why mommy isn't at her beck and call 24x7. Hmmm... I've explained to each of them that they can have 30% of my attention. Mommy needs the other 10%. They don't seem to understand this concept. sometimes you don't know how little time you have to yourself until you get some!! Thanks, Mom and Dad. The last two weeks have been fantastic.

I bought a rug for the baby's room, and it came on a big spindle. Think in terms of the middle of a paper towel (or TP) roll. Like that but bigger. I've decided to keep it, have the boys color the piece of paper attached to it, then attach the whole thing to a box and call it a pirate ship. Little one was sleeping in the pirate ship last night during dinner. He gave up lobster tails and artichokes to sleep in this box. It was hilarious.

I'll post pics of little man in his box a little later.

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