29 April 2008

the herbs are planted!

this year we have greek oregano, sweet basil, purple basil, bunch basil, genovese basil (of course), purple basil, thai basil, dill, thyme, lavender, rosemary, chervil, mint, coriander/cilantro, parsley, sage, arugula, marjoram, lemongrass and a few more. The oregano is ginormous this year. Looks more like mint. The rosemary looks awesome, and the basil is going to be in the blender as pesto and the thai basil as nim chow before you know it.

We bought a new toy for Gene in the kitchen. Finally ... he's really needed one for a long time. an 11-qt food processor. He LURVES it. For dinner sunday he used it for stuffed chicken breast, prepared as directed in Cooks Illustrated April 2008. The boys loved it, as did our guests. We followed that with hot out of a 450 degree-oven biscuits with fresh whipped cream and the strawberries we picked on Friday. YUM.

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