28 September 2007

Speaking of not so great ideas ...

Ernie ... sit your butt down. I'll bring you more tri colori fiori in a second. I can't believe the little stinker loves it as much as "biggie" brother [what Dru prefers his little brother to call him] does. Funny true story. We bought Dru a case of Barilla Tri colori fiori for his 4th birthday. It might have elicited more jumping and squealing than any other gift. you see, for the months leading up to his birthday all of the local markets were out of it and we were relegated to using "fiore" which is the same pasta, but only one color. The real magic is in the preparation. Perfuming the water with Fines Herbes, plenty of whole garlic cloves, extra vigrin olive oil, then putting frozen peas in the boiling water when there's about 2 minutes to go, then adding chopped ham or canadian bacon, shaved pecorino romano cheese, plus butter and more evoo and half and half at the end and cooking it in the same pot while the "sauce" thickens. it's really pretty funny when Dru brings me a box of TCF and demands I make it. It's even funnier watching him help me. I bet he'll make it for his kids some day, too. Ernie, Ernie, Ernie. What are we going to do with you ? Serve you baked garlic tomorrow perhaps ?
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